Ölkelda natural spring in Snæfellsnes

Ölkelda natural mineral spring in Snæfellsnes Iceland

Ölkelda is a natural spring that gives forth carbonated water rich in minerals. The water is believed to have healing properties and is said to be refreshing. The spring has been cared for by the farmers who own the land since the turn of the 18th century.

Located on the picturesque Snæfellsnes Peninsula in western Iceland, Ölkelda holds a prominent position on the travel itinerary of Iceland-bound visitors. Its popularity has grown considerably over the centuries, thanks to its reported therapeutic and life-giving properties. The uniqueness of this mineral spring has attracted many visitors from far and wide. It is the mineral-laden water that is believed to provide visitors with a plethora of health benefits when consumed.

The sight of the spring itself is fascinating, with a red-coloured ground surrounding the spring caused by the iron present in the water. Ölkelda is easily accessible, and visitors can park their cars in the convenient parking lot before enjoying the sight and taste of the spring water, which is given free of charge. Nonetheless, farmers and landowners humbly request a small contribution out of appreciation.

The name Ölkelda is derived from the Old Norse language and translates to “Holy ale well”, hinting at a deep-rooted association with ale production or consumption in the past. Ölkelda’s natural carbonated water has an abundance of minerals, which are believed to possess incredible healing properties and has been under the guardianship of the landowning farmers for over two centuries.

The natural carbonated mineral springs are said to have healing properties and be good for heart and kidneys.