Your guide

kristjan logason in an icecave

World traveler and multi artist Kristjan Logason is the owner and your main guide for Amazing Iceland. 

Being a photographer, leatherworker, poet and multimedia artist, his knowledge about the landscape as well as the sagas, music and politics he will give you an amazing experience of the land he loves and always returns to from his journeys. 

Winter as well as summer he loves to travel around in Iceland him self when not guiding others and showing them the breathtaking view of this amazing land. 

He can take you hiking, biking, skiing walking, fly fishing or just driving around to enjoy the land and if you need an Aurora borealis hunter he knows where to go and how to get the picture. 

It should come as no surprise that he loves being outdoor in snow and storm.

in the storm


Being a driver guide he can drive any type of bus or vehicle that you need for your transportation.

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